How to exercise to lose weight

How to exercise to lose weight

The best exercises for losing weight

The best exercises for losing weight

These are the ones that consume a lot of energy, which includes the maximum number of motor units, they carry not only muscles, but also emotional stress. We are talking about basic multi-joint exercises such as kneeling, row bending, pulling, various bench presses (push-ups of various difficulty levels, bench press or bench press with dumbbells, standing press). The repetition interval is about 10 to 20 times.

Combining these basic movements into a hybrid exercise is even stronger:

  • knee presses for the bench press (thruster);
  • romanian belt-leaning projectile thrust projectile;
  • shoulder abduction slots;
  • sweater with deck on head;
  • knee adduction floats.

1-2 of these exercises can be observed in observed training – for example, in the interval or in a circle. Or maybe a whole lesson to learn from. A “but” are hybrids, which are only reached at advanced stages of development, when each of the implementation elements is refined to automatism. For beginners, the process of learning the technique will be very energetic.

Also, do not use pliomere mode. All jumps, explosive movements cause a strong anabolic reaction and consume a lot of energy. But again, the effectiveness of plyometrics depends on your strength abilities: the stronger the legs, the bigger the jump, the greater leg endurance, the longer you can jump.

How to lose weight in the right places

Burning zonal fats is theoretically possible, but difficult to implement in practice. With a calorie deficit, increased physical activity, the whole body loses weight. And which one works first depends on the sensitivity of the fat burning receptors. In general, getting out of the curves and achieving a flat stomach won’t work. Therefore, you need to support weight loss on the face and chest, creating a beautiful relief with the muscles.

Can you lose weight through exercise without restricting yourself to your normal diet?

The question is difficult. Weight loss requires a calorie deficit, which, in principle, should be compensated for by increasing activity. But the formula “move more, eat less” is not universal, since you cannot reduce calories without stopping, and it is impossible to increase the load. Movement needs energy. And the more you move, the more nutrients your body needs. Therefore, the calorie deficit must always be kept low so that there is enough energy for good and strong physical work and for sporting progress. It is necessary to adapt the diet to the needs of the body.

Safety Precautions: How Not To Overdo It With Weight Loss

Safety Precautions: How Not To Overdo It With Weight Loss

Excess is a blind obsession with calorie restriction and frequent volume training. At the same time, I’m all for volume training, sometimes twice a day, if you’re making sure you’re eating with meals, checking your calorie content, your BJU ratio, your hormone levels, so you’re providing your body with everything you need.

Top Markers of Overtraining and Overwork:

  • impaired immunity;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • decreased libido;
  • acute appetite or, conversely, its absence;
  • in women – violations of the menstrual cycle;
  • gastrointestinal problems;
  • painful pains in muscles and joints;
  • inability to make progress with physical activity;
  • hate training.

You’ve reached your goal: you’ve lost weight. And then?

You've reached your goal: you've lost weight. And then?

Usually, when a person has lost a lot of weight and achieved great results, there is already enthusiasm and understanding of how to eat and exercise. And then comes an equally wonderful moment when you can exercise happily, calmly, consistently and without tremors. And make progress whenever you want, focusing on your well-being, your body’s needs and your own mood.

Hybrid circuit training example

For an average training level:

  1. Dynamic slot machines with dumbbells
  2. Jumpers with shock absorbers
  3. “Cuta” from the ground
  4. Genofections
  5. “Worm” with bombs
  6. The dumbbell knees curve the forearm
  7. Vertical pull with a lying towel
  8. Dynamic bar

Complete each exercise for 30-45 seconds (you can progress workout by workout, workout by workout, week by week).
Rest between exercises: 20-30 seconds.
Rest between circles: 1.5 to 3 minutes.
Make 3-4 circles.